Questions & Answers

Below are a few questions that usually ask by educators. We answer these questions to clarify or make our process and work more clear. If you have question or query, please feel free to ask a question through this link


Home-based education means your child can have the same preschool education at home with Low ratios, having one primary caregiver, and having more access to community outings all combine to provide your child with a great start.

  • Free paediatric 1st Aid training
  • Free access to the largest resource and toy library
  • Access to our exclusive member-only events (Zoo trips, Crystal Mountain outings, Butterfly Creek excursions and more)
  • Regular professional development and training

We organize educational activities and workshops at least 1 time each per month, sometimes we organize two activities per month. The purpose of our activities is to let children feel happy while learning exploring, except for the outdoor activities such as zoo trips, butterfly creek, botanic garden, we also have the educational activities, such as national museum of the royal New Zealand Navy visit, fire station visits, Tiptop ice-cream factory visit.  We also designed the different topics for our educators, such as Maori flex weaving and pois making , transition to school .

Apart from this website,  AWA Home-based Childcare have an account on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter and wechat platform, we post all upcoming activities and workshops on our all platforms and keep updating these platforms frequently, when you see any activity or workshop that you would like to join, call us to Register.