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Mother’s day Celebration

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mothers have a special place in our lives, to celebrate mother’s day at No-1 Home-based Service we organized this special day with our Educators and parents. It was great to see a few families turned up on the day. 

We started the celebration with Kai/food. We all sat on the mat in a circle and enjoyed having morning tea together. The children and the whanau enjoyed being served, especially the cupcakes, donuts and the fruit kebabs. 

Afterwards, we had a couple of activities arranged for the children to make their mum’s a very special gift. The children were offered to make a mother’s day card using glitter paint, colored assorted sequins and ribbons. Also, the children made salt dough ornaments as gifts. 

We set up two tables to divide the groups and offered them salt dough and mother’s day card activities. Some children directly involved themselves where as we role modeled the other children. The children used their imagination and creative minds to decorate the cards with their favorite colors of glitter paint and sequined shapes. They had lots of fun participating in this hands-on activity of making a salt dough ornament. They used the love heart shaped cutters to create the ornament first. Afterwards some children put the glue on to decorate the love heart cut out with sequins while the other children put their hand prints on the salt dough.   

The parents and Educators requested for the salt dough recipe so that they could make it with the children at home. They were surprised that such an easy recipe could create so much fun for the children. 


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